Weather and Climate

Alvdal has a typical inland-climate, meaning low temperatures and snow for the most part of the winter, and fairly dry summers.

Many locals will claim Alvdal does not have spring. It’s winter and snow. Then there is winter and gray (April/May.) Green leaves and lawns usually appear late May.

When Alvdal has a hot summer, it is hot (by Norwegian standards.) However, there is a noticeable difference between the daytime temperatures and the night­time. If you are planning to spend any time in Alvdal during the summer, you are wise to bring a warm jacket for the evenings.

The autumn is a beautiful time of the year in Alvdal with clear skies, autumn colours and day temperatures of 12­-15 degrees Celsius. Hunting and hiking are bellowed seasonal activities.

The winter can be cold, and refreshing. Minus 30 degrees Celcius is not unusual. The snow arrives before Christmas and stays until about Easter. Then it is gone, no matter how soon or late Easter is. If you are travelling to or through Alvdal in the winter using diesel vehicle, it is imperative that you use winterized fuel, which you will be able to obtain at the gas stations. Alvdal has amazing “blue hours”, of which like to brag. The “blue hours” colours everything blue, and occurs when the sun is below the horizon and thus it can be observed in the morning and the evening.

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