The nearest airport is Røros Flyhavn, 85km north of Alvdal. From Røros airport you can take the taxi to the train station or bus depot where you can catch the train or the bus to Alvdal. Alternative airports are Trondheim Lufthavn and Oslo Lufthavn.

Røros Lufthavn: 85 km
Trondheim Lufthavn, Værnes: 230 km Oslo Lufthavn, Gardermoen: 270 km

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Røros Lufthavn
Trondheim Lufthavn
Oslo Lufthavn


Tynset is the hub of all the bus transportation in the region of Nord-­Østerdalen. Alvdal offers bus routes that are coordinated with train and busses leaving and coming to the region.

The bus depot is located next to the train station in the city centre is the Alvdal Skysstasjon (bus station.)

For more information, visit Hedmark Trafikk

The easiest way to visit Alvdal is to arrive by car. RV3 goes through Alvdal, and is the main road between Oslo and Trondheim when travelling through Østerdalen. While in Alvdal, it is easy to park your car, and there are no parking fees. For transporters, 24­hour rest stop located next to Taverna Alvdal along RV3.

In Alvdal you can access three gas stations, 1 LPG station and two charging stations for regular electric cars, including Tesla. An additional charging station is scheduled to arrive at Shell along RV 3 in the fall of 2016.

To get to Alvdal follow signage from E6 to Tynset, or Alvdal if you arrive via Hjerkinn.
The turn offs along E6 are by Ulsberg (coming from north), Hjerkinn (coming from south or north) or Kolomoen Bridge (coming from south.)

Distance from Oslo to Alvdal is 310 kilometres and from Trondheim 200 kilometres. Traveling from Bergen is 530 kilometres. Bodø is 900 kilometres away, while Tromsø is a 1530 kilometre drive.

At the centre of Alvdal, Steia is the location of the train station. Six times a day, NSB (train operator) departs with destination to or from Oslo, and twice a day a train comes from or goes to Trondheim. All trains from the south arrive via Hamar, while trains that are going north stay on the Røros line to Trondheim.

Take the train, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Østerdalen has to offer.
Traveling time from Hamar is approximately 2.5 hours, from Trondheim 3.5 hours, and from Oslo 4 hours. See NSB for details

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