Initiated by a group of individuals, the web portal was launched in June of 2016.

All players within travel, hospitality, retails, services along with teams and organizations will be provided the opportunity to profile themselves via the portal. The portal will also provide information about events, places of interest and activities.

The desire is for the portal to become a one­stop shop for all you need to know about Alvdal for tourists, passersby, a new member of the community, owner of a local cottage and to the locals living here all year around.

We hope the portal will make your curious and inspire interest in the community, and that we will be able to showcase everything Alvdal has to offer. The portal is owned and operated by Alvdal Aktivitet. The portal has received financial start­up funds from the city and participating organizations.

Alvdal Aktivitet wishes for the portal to be a living organism, and we welcome your views and suggestions for improvements. Please email us at . You may also reach out to one of the executives of Alvdal Aktivitet.

If you have photos you believe the suits the site well and wish to grant us the permission to use, please email us the photos at . Please provide the name of the photographer and a short notice about the subject (place, event, occasion.)

Alvdal Aktivitet

Alvdal Aktivitet (business association) was established in 1990. Through the years, the association has had several different operating structures and initiatives. Alvdal Aktivitet has taken on the responsibility of running the web portal Volunteers entirely manage Alvdal Aktivitet.

Bylaw: «Alvdal Aktivitet is an association for organizations, institutions, businesses, public services and individuals interested in developing, produce, market, and selling goods, services and experiences in Alvdal.

Alvdal Aktivitet will through collecting and coordinating resources and interests work toward positive development of the member’s area of business and interests. Alvdal Aktivitet will foster understanding and collaboration amongst its members.


Maren Solvang Johnsen – telephone +47 480 29 323
Svein Borkhus – telephone +47 913 08 10
Audun Jøstensen Lutnæs - telephone +47 970 32 051
Kristian Dalen - telephone +47 928 95 843

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