At the foot of Baugsberget, west of Glåma River is the ski­jumping hill. The facility has five hills, K52, K35, K25, K17, and K10.

Sandeggbakken was built and opened in 1903 and is owned by the local sports club, Alvdal Idrettslag.

Solan Gundersen's winter games, the unofficial Norwegian championship in combined skiing for kids aged 12 to 14, is an annual event at the hill, hosted by the club in cooperation with Hedmark skikrets.

The record in the K52 hill belongs to Terje Hilde at 56 metres, while Jan Christian Bjørn holds the record in the K35­bakken at 42 metres.

The facility was last upgraded in 1996-­1997, which added a small hill, stairs for the tower and stairs for the hill measuring, a new tower for the judges and a new tower for the jump, along with a new curve in the hill, making it less step.

The hill had the reputation of having the “steepest curve in the world” as described by the local author, Kjell Aukrust in the book “Slipp ham inn” (Let him in), as "40 metres straight ahead and 40 metres down." Kjell Aukrust has depicted Sandeggbakken in several of his books, like ”Simen” and ”Halv meter for kort”.

The top of the tower is spacious enough to act as a viewing tower for Alvdal.


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