At 2.5 kilometres in length, Jutulhogget is one of Northern­-Europes’s largest canyons.

According to the myth, it was Rendalsjutulen (a giant related to the trolls) who created the canyon when he wanted to make a waterway across the carina. The Canyon is a majestic sight, with a unique flora consisting of a mixture of mountain plants and plants more typical for the southern hemisphere. The step walls of the western part of the canyon are more than 100 metres tall. Further east is the tallest wall at 240 metres. The width of the canyon, measured at the top, is between 150 and 400 metres.

The canyon was formed during the ice age, more than 10 000 years ago. The lake Nedre Glåmsjø, constructed by a dam made by the glacier, carved its way underneath the glacier and created a new track east through the softer mountain rocks. The dam, made of ice, quickly collapsed, and it was the flooding caused by the melting of the ice that carved the canyon eastwards from Østerdalen through the mountain terrain and over to Rendalen.

In 1959 the canyon became a protected sanctuary. It is located 20 kilometres south of Alvdal centre.


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