Husantunet is one of Norway’s oldest and best-­preserved farm settlements from the 1800s. Today it is a heritage museum.

Husantunet is located just north of the city centre, between Glåma and Rørosbanen (railroad.) The unique farm consists of 18 buildings, which all represents the traditional composition of a farmyard in the region in the period 1650 to 1850.

The buildings are centred on two yards, inner yard and outer yard, which was a standard practice before 1850. Every building has a function, the family home, the brew building close to the water source, with the storage buildings (outer houses) centred together to the south with barns of all kinds of purposes (hay storage, animals, equipment.) The yard has two family homes, a summerhouse, and a winter home.

In 1941, the buildings were deemed as historic buildings and thus became protected. Before opening as a museum in 1958, the buildings were restored.


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