Monumentet på Tron er en minnestein over den indiske filosofen, dikteren og professoren Sri Ananda, som bodde på Tronsvangen. 

1 666 metres above sea level you find Tronfjell – Alvdal’s most noticeable landmark.

Norway’s second tallest road takes you all the way to the top of the mountain at 1666 metres above sea level.

Midt i Alvdal vestfjell troner Sølnkletten som høyeste punkt i kommunen, med 1 827 meter over havet.

At 2.5 kilometres in length, Jutulhogget is one of Northern­-Europes’s largest canyons.

In Alvdal you will find the beautifully designed museum Aukrust Centre.

Husantunet is one of Norway’s oldest and best-­preserved farm settlements from the 1800s. Today it is a heritage museum.

Haustdalen is approximately 15 kilometres west of Alvdal center. It is a desired destination summer as well as winter, ideal for biking or hiking in the summer and cross­country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter.

The sculpture is a small monument of the local author and artist Kjell Aukrust along with his signature characters, the bold Solan and introverted Ludvig as they oversee Steijela, an entry point to the city centre.

Alvdal Vestfjell is a varied and visitor friendly mountain area connected to the mountain chain Rondane.

The road bridge takes Riksveg 3 across Glåma River. The new bridge opened in 2016.

Swami Sri Ananda Acharya was born December 29, 1881, in Bengal, British India and died May 8, 1945, in Alvdal, Norway. He was a professor of philosophy, yoga, and poetry.

Sten peaks at 905 metres above sea level and is a centrally located, favorite stop.

The tree covered mount is a great hike in an area reminiscent of an old mining industry.

Alvdal church is a wood construction. The church, along with the churchyard, was inaugurated October 12, 1961. The church seats 600. Christian Heinrich Grosch was the architect.

In the centre of Alvdal, at Steia, you will find the train station, in the heart of the old station village Lille­-Elvdalen.

Sølna power plant is a hydro generating power station taking advantage of the 18 metres decline of Sølna river. The waterfall in Sølna is a part of the Glommavassdraget.

Located at Østkjølen, the sunny side between Alvdal and Tylldalen, you will find the ski chalet, Allmannstua. From the chalet, you will have a great view of Alvdal Vestfjell, as well as the mountain chain Rondane in the far distance.

Savalen is located about 30 minutes drive from Alvdal. It is a unique outdoor area between mounts, forest, and lakes.

At the foot of Baugsberget, west of Glåma River is the ski­jumping hill. The facility has five hills, K52, K35, K25, K17, and K10.

One of Alvdal’s first industries represents the revolution from the production of goods for home usage to specialized trades.

The melting hut is one of several regional, cultural marks connected with the local history of mining.

Egnund Chapel is a log church built in 1975 on the border between Alvdal and Folldal. The chapel was a gift to the congregation of Alvdal and Folldal given to them by Magne and Wilhelmine Louise Mortenson.

In a forest by walls of rock, there is a small lake. The water is described as many shades of green, and so clear you can see the fish swimming around at the bottom of the lake.

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